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The Best Friends™ Approach to Care


At Bridgepointe at Village Manor, we employ the Best Friends™ Approach, which is an internationally recognized model of care that proves relationship-based, person-centered care makes a huge difference in creating meaningful, fulfilling days for our residents.

At the heart of our personalized approach is the understanding that relationships are important to providing compassionate care. These relationships require the essential elements of friendship:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Support
  • Trust
  • Humor

We invite our caregivers to become our residents’ Best Friends, first learning who they are at the deepest levels and then designing activities, topics of conversation and all other aspects of care to match each individual’s interests and passions. We use this approach to allow each resident to pursue their unique interests and the activities that bring them joy while also opening doors for new experiences and growth.

To learn a resident’s life story, we listen intently to each one, taking an interest in who they are and the occupations, family members, travels, hobbies and milestones that fill their lives. Building strong relationships allows us to provide the best one-on-one care to our residents, ensuring they enjoy life-affirming days.

We believe that the Best Friends Approach is especially vital to our Memory Care residents, who often cannot tell their life stories themselves. We become their voices by engaging them in reminiscence and favorite pastimes, or simply entering their world when they need a friend. Through all the challenges memory loss brings, our residents have a helping hand.