9 Reasons to Choose a CCRC for Your Retirement Living

Heather O’Banion, Executive Director at Village Manor in Bowling Green, Ky., says, “For those considering post-retirement living, there is a variety of lifestyle options available today. One of the most popular is the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or Life Plan Community, which offers active, worry-free living and the assurance of health care and other support on site should you ever need it in the future.

“If you would like your next move to be your last, this type of community might be your ideal option. CCRCs differ from other types of senior living because they provide a complete variety of housing options, services and care in one convenient location.

“One of the greatest advantages of a CCRC is that it enables you to continue to live in your preferred location even as your needs may change over time. That is, you’ll never have to worry about moving to another community if your needs for support or healthcare increase as you get older. Everything is taken care of for you right there.”

What the Experts Say

Regarding retirement living options, U.S. News & World Report has this to say about CCRCs. “The choices are broader for healthy seniors and usually involve what’s called a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. These communities are not all alike and offer different levels of care and payment models.

“The most fully equipped CCRCs provide living units for healthy residents, but also offer on-site facilities and health care staffing for those needing assisted living, full-time nursing care and even Alzheimer’s facilities. Their strongest selling point is in reassuring residents and their families that a person can stay at the CCRC for the rest of his or her life and receive whatever care he or she may need.”

Similarly, AARP says that when you or your parents decide it is time to move from the family home, a CCRC may be well worth considering. Offering a variety of services within one community, CCRCs guarantee lifetime housing, social activities and increased levels of care as your needs change.

9 Reasons Why CCRCs Offer the Ideal Option

The advantages of a CCRC are many, including the fact that residents can enjoy personal freedom in combination with resort-style living, support services and personal security. Specifically, leading CCRCs such as Village Manor offer:

  1. A Place to Call Home … Now and for the Future – At Village Manor, you will never have to move if your health needs change. Residents experience the security of a lifelong guarantee of care even if their needs change. At Village Manor, we offer lifestyle services for a complete continuum of needs, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Short-Term Rehabilitation, Assisted Senior Care, Memory Care, Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care and Home Health Care through Christian Care at Home.
  2. Services and Amenities – With a full range of lifestyle options and care levels, Village Manor offers an abundant array of services and amenities throughout our campus community. We’ve been designed with your care, comfort and happiness in mind.
  3. Dining Services – An exceptional dining experience that also meets your health and nutrition needs is something you deserve in your well-earned retirement. We are dedicated to preparing great-tasting gourmet meals filled with vitamins and nutrients. Our residents enjoy the freshest foods cooked to perfection, satisfying their tastes and providing the nourishment they need to stay healthy and energized.
  4. Engaging Programs – An active and engaging social life is considered extremely important for your continued health and well-being in retirement. You’ll find there’s never a dull moment at Village Manor! Our team is constantly creating activities and programs to engage our residents in meaningful and life enriching ways. From picnics, games, concerts, shopping, special events and faith-related activities, there’s always something you’ll find interesting in our community.
  5. Wellness Features – Regular exercise and wellness activities are also viewed by experts as crucial to maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of programs to keep you fit and in good health, including fitness classes, tai chi, strength training, yoga,SilverSneakers® exercise class and more.
  6. Well-Appointed Private Suites – Our residents enjoy apartment-style living and the all the conveniences of a campus community. Village Manor gives residents the chance to truly live well, addressing all of your physical, social and spiritual needs.
  7. Continuing Educational Opportunities – Specialists in memory care such as the Mayo Clinic tell us that one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp is to give your brain a “workout” of its own. By continuing to learn new things as you age, you keep the connections in your brain active, fit and functioning. At Village Manor, we believe in the importance of lifelong learning and offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for our residents.
  8. Quality Healthcare Services – As Bowling Green’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community, Village Manor is proud to serve the health needs of our residents through every step of life’s journey. It’s reassuring to our residents and their families to know that short-term rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care and long-term nursing care are available right here on campus if needed. Best of all, Village Manor residents have priority admission status to all of these services.
  9. Security and Peace of Mind – Village Manor is staffed 24/7 so you never have to worry about being without help should you ever need it. Our team is thoroughly trained in life-saving skills, such as CPR and first aid, and are prepared and to assist if an emergency should occur. Plus at Village Manor, emergency call bells or an emergency pendent is included in your monthly fee so you can easily and immediately communicate with our on-site staff.

Adds Ms. O’Banion,Regardless of the level of care or support they may require, we are committed to enriching our residents’ lives in all aspects of living while providing them with peace of mind.”

Welcome Home!

At Village Manor, we offer a lifestyle unlike any other, complete with all the comforts and conveniences of apartment-home and campus-style living. As Bowling Green’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community, we offer peace of mind to our residents. They take comfort in knowing that our full range of healthcare services and specialized communities throughout our campus are available to them should their needs change.

We are committed to a tradition of faith, care and family, and we live out our life’s work through everything for which these powerful words stand. Faith encourages us to never give up hope, allowing us to provide the best care in each situation. We are called to love our neighbors, seeking to meet every need and showing true support and friendship in all we do. We’ve dedicated ourselves to a lifestyle of care, prioritizing our residents’ needs and comfort above anything else. At Village Manor, we emphasize family. We consider it a privilege to take care of our residents as we would our own family members, and we are honored to be part of our residents’ family within our community.

Learn more today about living the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us and begin the lifestyle you deserve.

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