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All What People Are Saying About Village Manor
Words cannot express the kindness our family received from your staff during today’s passing of our mother. Your staff was kind, attentive, caring and so thoughtful during the several days that we waited for our mother to be with God. They took care of Momma’s needs as well as our own during this difficult time. Please tell all the shifts that we appreciate all that they did. – Audrey Lucille Wilson’s Family
I love every one of the Christian Care staff members. I strive for words to adequately express my thanks and appreciation for your tender care of Roy for almost three years. You also became my “family” during that time. One characteristic of Parkinson’s is the tendency to fall. In addition, Roy was prone to those “episodes” that could occur at any time. Yet, you never allowed him to fall or to cause any harm. You also accommodated his need for daily mental stimulation by allowing him to sit in Jack’s chair. Passers-by could interact with him as they went by. That was also the place where Chaplain Brent provided spiritual messages to nourish Roy and the other residents too. Your total care reflected physical, mental and spiritual care. That allowed me to have complete confidence in his well-being. Now I know that angels are tending to him. Thank you for caring. Thank you for making the trip to Glasgow for visitation. P.S. I already miss you all as well. – Pat Bunch
I have always been a soft-voiced person unwilling to make a fuss. Like many men and women treating all with kindness and truthfulness of Spirit. When I realized as did my daughters active in medical programs, which I was not receiving the programs promised and I was disappointed. My family and I started looking for an excellent, well-appointed program, and I turned to Christian Health Center. I saw improvements and newly available changes. Another factor when I went to my final medical check-up the doctor agreed with me, “you did so well, and all those therapists are who took care and helped were excellent, and I agreed a fantastic physician shared his great success shown by Christian Health. In all fairness, sharing the fine care, just had to be shared no fuss, just the truthfulness of a regular person. So grateful for such healers. – Lois Scarbrough
To the Nursing Techs, I know all of your names, but I’m afraid that I might forget to mention somebody, and I do not want to do that. I thank all of you so very much for the kind way that you treated me. I really have no complaints at all. Well, maybe some of those 4:00 a.m. wake ups; I didn’t even mind that because you were always so happy. You have a very hard job – having to deal with old people like me. You all do quite well. Please let everybody who dealt with me in anyway see this. – Bobby Holloway